Artwork by Tal S.

The Prismatic Dragons

A new family of dragons for D&D 5e

Inspired by the prismatic wall spell, the prismatic dragons come in seven main colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet (ROYGBIV). Though the prismatic dragons are solid creatures with muscle and bone, they are created from lightโ€”a fact reflected in their unique abilities. Discover the magic and majesty of the prismatic dragons!

Preview their stat blocks (and customize your own) by using the Prismatic Dragon Generator.

Dragons in Every Color of the Rainbow

The seven main colors of prismatic dragons are directly inspired by the seven layers of the prismatic wall spell. Each layer has a unique effect and weakness which correspond to the breath weapons and vulnerabilities of the prismatic dragons.

The colors don't stop at ROYGBIV. There are legends of white, black, and even magenta prismatic dragons.

To learn more about what makes each color of prismatic dragon unique, read the Color Descriptions.

You can read more about how we balanced these dragons here: CR Calculation.

Publication Forthcoming

My partner and I are currently working on a prismatic dragons product for publishing.

The latest version of the prismatic dragon stat blocks can be found at the Prismatic Dragon Generator. We'd love it if you tried them out and told us your thoughts by sending an email to!