Prismatic Dragons

Color Descriptions

There are ten colors of prismatic dragon. In order of ascending power, they are: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, magenta, white, and black.

This page gives you a high-level overview of some of what makes each color unique: their breath weapons, their damage vulnerability, and a bit about their place in the world. More information will become available when my partner and I publish the prismatic dragon product that we are working on.

This overview is meant to give you enough information to effectively use the stat blocks on the Prismatic Dragon Generator. We'd love it if you tried them out and told us your thoughts by sending an email to!


Breath Weapons: Fire Breath, Captivating Breath

Damage Vulnerability: Cold

Red dragons are the most emotionally in-touch and human-like of the prismatic dragons. They can be found anywhere from jealously guarding their hoard of gold, to ruling over a town they have magically enchanted, to pursuing an acting career with the local theater guild.


Breath Weapons: Acid Breath, Smothering Breath

Damage Vulnerability: Thunder

Orange dragons are taught from a young age to think militarily, assessing anything as a potential threat. They also place a high value on the discipline of mastering a craft. An orange dragon might be a general on the battlefield, a world-renowned chef, or a beloved blacksmithing teacher.


Breath Weapons: Lightning Breath, Revelation Breath

Damage Vulnerability: Force

Yellow dragons value knowledge and wit above all else, and are especially concerned with creating and preserving records. A yellow dragon might be found teaching at the local public school, stealing archeological wonders for their private hoard, or maintaining an ancient hidden library in the Border Ethereal.


Breath Weapons: Poison Breath, Sleep Breath

Damage Vulnerability: Acid

Green dragons, the protectors of nature, are the most in touch with the land. The indefinite sleep breath of adult and ancient green dragons has also fueled countless legends about them. They might be found tending an herb garden in a treacherous mountain pass, negotiating for the establishment of a nature preserve, or building an army of sleeping adventurers to get revenge on a nearby city.


Breath Weapons: Cold Breath, Wild Magic Breath

Damage Vulnerability: Fire

Blue dragons are often fascinated by the thrill of new discovery, especially in the realm of science and magic. A blue dragon might be found running a magical university, performing social experiments on unsuspecting humans, or methodically testing whether teleportation into the sun is possible.


Breath Weapons: Thunder Breath, Petrifying Breath

Damage Vulnerability: Radiant

Indigo dragons are described in tales as terrifying sea serpents, emerging from the ocean depths to petrify and sink unsuspecting sailors. Whatever humanoids say about them, these often hard-to-read dragons can have varied motivations and goals. An indigo dragon might be the captain of a notorious band of pirates, the curator of a suspicious statue museum, or the guardian of a tropical island and its surrounding coral reef.


Breath Weapons: Force Breath, Banishing Breath

Damage Vulnerability: Lightning

Orderly to a fault, many violet dragons would rule the world with an iron fist and a stack of paperwork if they could. A violet dragon might be found working as a pro-bono lawyer, defending a major city under siege, or plotting the demise of their sister who is first in line for the throne.


Breath Weapons: Psychic Breath, Amnesia Breath

Damage Vulnerability: Poison

There are rumors of magenta dragons living among us in secret, kept safe by their memory-modifying magical powers. Whether or not they truly exist in your setting, conspiracy theories about their existence almost certainly do. A magenta dragon (real or theoretical) might infiltrate an enemy government from the inside, maintain a sanctuary for those with powerful enemies, or work as an enigmatic assassin whose murders never seem to have any witnesses.


Breath Weapons: Radiant Breath, Fatigue Breath

Damage Vulnerability: Necrotic

White dragons live short, explosively powerful lives. They are extremely rare and die before reaching 200 years of age, but they almost always leave a significant mark on the world, for better or for worse. A white dragon might be the champion defender of an empire during a great war, the terrible tyrant that burns a civilization to the ground, or the prophet of a new and fast-spreading religion.


Breath Weapons: Necrotic Breath, Immortality Breath

Damage Vulnerability: Radiant

Black dragons are born when any dragon egg hatches during a total solar eclipse. As such they are the rarest of the prismatic dragons, but their lifespan is seemingly indefinite, with the oldest known black dragon nearing 3000 years old. A black dragon might be found trying to escape the cult that forced their birth, running a hospital which develops quality-of-life-focused medical approaches, or living on a secluded mountain to avoid the throngs of people seeking lifespan extension.