Artwork by Tal S.

The Scholar

A new Artificer Specialist for D&D 5e

Whether they’re an expert in archaeology, zoology, or something else entirely, Scholars are researchers that use their magic as a tool to enhance their studies. Scholars can read any spell and can craft a set of spectacles which enable them to see with incredible precision. With impressive utility and flexibility, a Scholar is a valuable asset to any adventuring team.

An Artificer Subclass for Researchers

In an ancient magic library, a bespectacled scribe copies secrets from a dusty tome. In a cloud giant’s garden, a muscled botanist harvests the latest generation of enormous hybrid gourds. In a red dragon’s den, a scroll-laden anatomist jots down a quick sketch of the dragon’s wing structure while sidestepping her fiery breath. Scholars can be found doing their research all over the world.

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